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Savoir-vivre Issue 1  April 2009
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Maximize Your
Closet Assets
Image Breaker or
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Visual Cues & Clues
Color Blink Test To help you decide if the colour works for you or not, do this simple blink test ...  stand in front of the mirror and close your eyes. Then re-open them quickly  ... notice where your eyes go.
Are you looking at your clothes or your face? If you are looking at the clothes, the colour is most likely not quite right for you. If you are looking straight at your face, it's probably a winner! 
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Welcome to the first edition of Imagélite International's newsletter "Savoir-vivre ~ a combination of worldly wisdom, self-confidence, and refinement". I am so excited to finally bring this long-overdue initiative to life. Savoir-vivre is your guide to authenticity, self-expression, the right clothes, smart advice, the perfect fit, and ... your optimal image.
Our newsletter aims to provide valuable tips and advice to benefit the personal and professional you ... on image, appearance, colour, personality, clothing, wardrobe, shopping, etiquette, behaviour and communication.

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Happy Spring Cleaning!
Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP
Your Fairy Godmother
Closet Clean Up - Maximize Your Closet AssetsMaximize Your Closet Assets

In this issue, we share tips on closet cleanups "Maximize Your Closet Assets".
This help us to not only get rid of things that we no longer need or use, but also eliminate items that potentially prevent us from moving forward. 
Clothes Donation

For places that accept clothing donations ~ check out
If you live in Burlington area, Mapleview Mall, Burlington is currently collecting clothes for a great philanthropic organization called "Dress Your Best" ( ... just drop off the clothes at the Customer Service booth.
Wearing a suit jacket - image breaker or image builderImage Breaker or Image Builder 
"Should I wear a jacket or not" in the section "Image Breaker or Image Builder" provides insight into the image created with wearing a jacket.  A timely topic for this issue ... since the jacket is the most important item in building an efficient wardrobe. Plus, it is the most frequently asked questions by clients. 
Did You Know?
According to a Men's survey about women's makeup... these are the 5 things that men like the least about women's makeup:
  1. Caked-like foundation that is too heavy 
  2. Lip liner that is too strong or applied outside of the natural lip lines
  3. Caked-like mascara that is too heavy
  4. Frosty eye shadow that shows creases and looks out of place
  5. Eyebrows that are outside the natural eyebrow lines
career building - minding your visual cues & clues Minding Your Visual Cues & Clues" 
Are you sabotaging your career? Find out thru Judy's eyes and experience on the job, the power of the jacket in our Dress for Success story; "Minding Your Visual Cues and Clues".