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Savoir-vivre Issue 3  December 2009
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Good Etiquette is Always Good Business While Networking!
Should I Have a Drink or Not at The Office Party?
Did You Know? You can eat ...
Minding Your Manners While Dining!
What's the Image Consultant or Coach's Ultimale Goal?
The Image Consultant or Coach sees a client's ultimate potential with no limitations, and seeks to facilitate the authentic and optimal development of individuals on appearance, behaviour, and communications so that they achieve more of what is possible in themselves and in their lives.
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Etiquette is the art of making other people feel comfortable. Everyday courtesy can contribute to a better work environment, better relationships, or to your degree of personal and professional success.


We expect a certain degree of respect in our day-to-day dealings with others. Good manners start at home and are not something to be showcased only during special events or for company. Practice good manners everyday. The doors to your personal and professional success will open wider with the daily use of good etiquette and manners. Good manners not only add polish and presence but also make you stand apart from the competition.


With the Holiday Season on our doorsteps, this issue of Savoir-vivre offers useful etiquette tips to help you exude an aura of self-confidence while dining, socializing or networking.


I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year. See you in 2010.

Merry Christmas

Joyeux Noël

Happy Hanukah


Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP

"Your Guardian Angel"

Good Etiquette Is Always Good Business While Networking!

Contrary to popular belief, networking is not only for businesspeople. We all socialize or network in some form or another on a personal, social or professional level. Attending company parties, clients' cocktails, formal dinners, golf tournaments, family gatherings or friends' get-togethers are all part of networking. Click here to read networking tips to help you project a positive image.
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Should I Have a Drink or Not at the Office Party?


Office Party drinking?Just because the drinks are free or even when they are not - do not overindulge. Be aware that many executives (and even potential clients) often use social events such as office parties, golf tournaments or receptions to evaluate potential job candidates or current employees' upward mobility thru their social skills and manners.


The office party is not the time and place to get drunk. Drinking too much will only undermine or ruin your reputation ... people may not quite think of you the same way again. Many have lost a future promotion by displaying poor judgment ... so don't be a casualty.


Watch your drink consumption ~ Either pass on the alcohol or limit yourself to one or two drinks whenever you represent your company inside or outside the organization.

Did You Know?
You can eat
asparagus with your fingers!   


But beware ... if you do this at a restaurant or dinner party, you might get strange glances.  In North America, we typically cut asparagus with the fork and knife while asparagus is often eaten with the fingers in Europe. In our global economy where we are encouraged to eat via both the American and Continental styles of dining, it would be acceptable to eat asparagus here in North America, with your fingers knowing of course, that you are eating asparagus "European Style."


In a more casual setting, eating asparagus as a finger food is acceptable. Whether to use your fingers or not depends on how the asparagus has been cooked and whether it is served with a sauce. If it is served without sauce, you can eat whole asparagus spears by picking it up with your hand. The idea is to start with the head while holding it by the stalk.


If it is served with sauce ... and if the stalks are firm and the sauce covers only the tips, it's still okay to use fingers. If the asparagus is limp or covered with sauce, use a knife and fork, and cut the stalk into bite-size pieces. However, when attending a formal dinner function or when in doubt, it would be best to use a fork and knife to eat asparagus. Only cut one bite at a time.


Serving asparagus: If the asparagus has a butter sauce, hold over the serving platter, allowing it to drain before placing it onto your plate. A large flat server such as a pierced asparagus server or hooded asparagus server is ideal for moving the pieces from the platter to your plate. 

Minding Your Manners While Dining!

Whether you are having dinner at home, with a friend, colleague or client, there is no excuse for bad manners.  Click here to read dining tips to help you make a great first impression over a meal no matter what's at stake.
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