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Savoir-vivre Issue 4July 2010
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Shoes, Like a Man's Tie or a Woman's Handbag, Indicate Status and Success.
Should I Wear Sandals to Work or Not?
Did You Know?...
Caring And Maintaining Your Shoes In Tip-Top Shape
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Thank You For Your Sympathies
As many of you know already, my mother dame Anita Rita Morin, passed away on January 19, 2010 at the age of 85 years and 10 months.  On May 15, 2010, she was laid down in her final resting place next to her late husband Mr. Léopold Desgagné.
Her 10 children and spouses, 25 grandchildren and spouses, 21 great-grandchildren as well as her sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews and their children sincerely appreciated your prayers, kind gestures and words of encouragement. 
I would personally like to thank my clients, colleagues, friends and readers for your support and your patience in producing this current newsletter during our time of grief.
God Bless,
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To be current, we must be in tune with what's going on around us - today - all over the world. Accessories such as your shoes, eyeglasses or even haircut can make you look out of date really quickly if not current. Are your shoes looking old, dirty or scuffed? 
Worn out accessories can send the message that you are outdated in your thinking, stale in your skills or even closed-minded. On the other hand, updated accessories will help you project a current image and send the message that you are "in the know", well informed, and up to date in your skills, open-minded, reliable, and dependable.  Which would you rather be? 
If your current shoe wardrobe isn't helping you "put your best foot forward", check out this Summer issue of Savoir-vivre for helpful tips on shoes to build a practical shoe wardrobe that will past the test of time, refresh your look and consequently promote a current image.
"Shoes, Like a Man's Tie or a Woman's Handbag, Indicate Status and Success."
"Should I Wear Sandals to Work or Not?"
"Did You Know? ... "
"Caring And Maintaining Your Shoes in Tip-Top Shape"
Have a fabulous summer!
Angèle Desgagné, AICI CIP
Your Image and Shoe Expert
Shoes, Like a Man's Tie or a Woman's Handbag, Indicate Status and Success.

What do your shoes say about you, your position? Attention to details, and professionalism?

Business footwear for both men and women is defined by good quality, a lack of fuss, and proper maintenance. Quality shoes can be the key finishing touch to an outfit or suit.While many women tend to have a shoe fetish, too many men see shoes as an afterthought. Women will have a collection of shoes while men hope that one pair of dress shoes along with one pair of runners will cover all occasions. Unfortunately, neither is ideal.
Image Breaker or Image Builder 
Should I Wear Sandals to Work or Not? 
Wearing SandalsSandals in general are either too dressy or too casual for the office and not recommended in business, especially in traditional work environments. The "toe cleavage" created by low vamp shoes, or sandals is considered too sexy and just as bad as showing bust or butt cleavage, or skin of any sort like tummy or bare arms. They are inappropriate and unprofessional, plus they take away your "hard-earned" credibility.
Sandals and Stilettos that you would wear clubbing or any high heels that prevent you from walking normally as well as summer casual shoes that you would wear outside of work on weekends or evenings such as Birkenstocks or on the beach like thong sandals, flip-flops, or for gardening like crocs, do not belong in the workplace either. Keep them for your social life. 
Remember that while at work, you are paid to represent your company's best interests, not yourself. So unless you plan to be the "talk of the office" and be "remembered for your lack of taste and appropriateness" ... choose wisely!
Did You Know?
In the past, shoes were passed down from father to son. 

This tradition reflected the style of classic footwear a man would buy. Even though fashion may dictate extremes of shape, colour and decoration, gentlemen would always rely on quality and timeless perfection in their choices of shoes. Would your shoes pass this test of time?
Men dressing wellIn his book "Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion", Alain Flusser, Author of Style and the Man and President of Alain Flusser Designs writes  "Want to know if a guy is well dressed? Look down. It is said that a man who respects quality footwear is likely to achieve success, because he understands the value of working his way up from the bottom". 
Imagine, a man may walk as many as 185,00 km in his lifetime. Treat your feet like royalty, they deserve it! 
Caring And Maintaining Your Shoes In Tip-Top Shape
Good quality shoes can last for years provided they are cared for properly. If you are wondering why your shoes are wearing out quickly, it is most likely because you are wearing them day in and day out. Here are 7 tips to ensure their longevity.