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International Image Consultant Day 
November 2013 

Hello Angele


As a Certified Image Professional and member of the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI), I'm excited to announce the first ever International Image Consultant Day

Chase's Calendar of Events 2014 November 23 has been proclaimed International Image Consultant Day and is included in McGraw-Hill's "Chase's Calendar of Events", one of the  most comprehensive and authoritative references available on special events, holidays, federal and state observances, historic anniversaries and more.


This special day is meant for celebrating the achievements and possibilities of Image Consultants worldwide. It brings greater recognition to the image profession and increases credibility for the AICI international image community.


Join me in celebrating the professional acumen and science of Image Consulting.


In honour of this first-time ever event, I am offering 3 "value-added" specials including a gift for you (valued between $225 - $450) for the entire month of November. Don't wait to take advantage of these great offers. These packages must be purchased by November 30th 2013 but can be booked for a later date.


I look forward to helping you achieve greater personal and professional success. 



International Image Consultants Day November 23, 2013
Did You Know?


What Image Consulting Is And What Image Consulting Is Not 


Image Consulting is Not:

Fluff. It has been proven that our visual presentation is worth 55% of our overall image. Clothing and grooming accounts for 90%. We believe what we see is more important than what we say or how we sound. In fact, research has shown that interviewers have ... Read more.

Image Consulting is:

An opportunity to hire a "trained image specialist" that can facilitate the authentic and optimal development of individuals on Appearance, Behaviour, and Communications ... in order to help them achieve more of what is possible in themselves and in their lives ... Read more


International Image Consultant Day Specials


Check out our 3 Amazing Value-Added Packages ­but hurry ... Offers valid till November 30th 2013 only. 


For Specials ... Read more

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