Identifying Your Personal Style: Adding Variety & Spice To Your Wardrobe  … 

“But Why Can’t I Look Like So And So?” - (1/2 Day)
We can help you develop a great personal style that will reflect your sense of self, and build a wardrobe that will look amazing on YOU! Learn how to dress confidently for your personality, body type and lifestyle. This half-day package includes:

Plus: handouts, personal style & image coaching, hands-on practical & clothing critique and loads of professional advice.


Satisfaction Guarantee:  We have total confidence in our services. Your total satisfaction is our best referral. If within 6 months, you are not totally satisfied with the result or if some reason we didn’t meet your expectations, we’d appreciate the opportunity to rectify the situation to your satisfaction. If you are not getting amazing feedback we’ll happily repeat the service at no cost to you providing you have truly made the efforts and follow the guidelines and concepts we suggested during your consultation. We trust our clients to treat us fairly with our guarantee.

Please note:
  • Fees and packages are subject to change without notice.
  • Some options are interchangeable and flexible to meet individual client needs.
  • Allotted time for each session is approximate.